General Info

Adding a Zoom link to Blackboard Ultra

To add a Zoom session to your Blackboard course site please follow this procedure.
You will need to be able to launch the Zoom application, And also have a web browser and access to Blackboard.
Start by loading Zoom. You shoudl be presented with the main screen as shown below.

Zoom Main Screen

From the Main screen Please choose The Schedule button to Schedule a meeting. Once selected you will see the following screen.
Schedule Default
Please Give the scheduled meeting a meingfull name.
Select Reoccuring Meeting
Then Select Other Calanders

Press the Submit Button and you will see this

There is a lot of text here But we only need 3 lines from it.

Please copy these lines by pressing Ctrl + c (on a PC) or Command + C (on a Mac) We will be entering this data into Blackboard to share with the students.
Please login to Blackboard and enter the course you would like to add Zoom to.

Above is an Ultra course.

It’s a good Idea to add a folder to your content stream to help keep things organized. To add content please click the + (plus) button like the one that the cursor is pointing to in the Image above..

That will bring up a menu where you can select Create As shown above

After Choosing Create the right side of your screen will now have the options and selections you can choose. Please select Folder from the list

Please give your folder a meaningfull name and description by clicking the Edit button that the cursor is pointing to in the above picture. It looks like a Pen. When you are done press save.

Now when you select your Folder you will have the option to create content inside it by pressing the + (plus) sign again. Please choose the option to “create”
Then Choose Link

Please give the Link a good description and paste the URL for the Zoom meeting you scheduled in the box labeled “Link URL” When you are done press the save button.

Your Folder and Link should look similar to this. You students can click the link and enter your Zoom meeting directly.

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